About us

Copier Rentals of Colorado is a United States Veteran owned business, run and managed by professionals who have worked in the copier industry for over 20 years in both sales and service.  We built our company by using kind of an old fashion concept "If we take care of our customers, provide good service and care about our customers needs then we will grow".  We had grown tired of seeing so many bad lease deals in the copier industry with automatic renewals, buyouts of existing leases, customers having to pay to have leased equipment shipped back to leasing companies, service contract annual increases, service cancellation penalties and customers tied to equipment for 4 or 5 years when they had outgrown the equipment after the first 2 years.You name it we have seen it. That is why we created a simple rental program that benefits our customers and ensures that we take care of them and the equipment we rent.

Our knowledgeable staff have configured and implemented business equipment solutions for companies of all sizes both locally and nationally. We will provide printer and copier solutions for your office at a single fixed rental rate and a cost per copy rate that is guaranteed in our contract not to increase over the course of your rental. Daily, weekly, or month to month rentals offer you many options. Most importantly your business is never “locked” into a copier. You may upgrade, downgrade, or add additional equipment for your business at any time during your rental. Your invoicing can be billed in a variety of options to suit your business, providing flexibility in your accounting.